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Resident of the Month: Vonnie S.

Hi my name is Vonnie S., I will be 86 in November of this year, I have 3 children 1 boy Larry and 2 girls Lori and Rhonda, I have several Grandchildren as well as Great Grandchildren and was married to my husband for 57 years until his passing. My daughter Rhonda and I both are residents here at Arden Place and both enjoy it very much. To tell you a little about me…

As a child I grew up on a ranch in West Texas 25 mines from town and met my best friend’s name is Pat which we were both in the first grade together, she and I have remained best friend all these years and talk on a daily basis.

As a profession I worked at Osteopathic Medical Center in Fort Worth, Texas as a Certified Nurse’s Assistant from 1958 until 2004 when I retired and enjoyed it very much.

Back in August I fell and broke my right hip following surgery I came to APRH for my Rehab, I have so much enjoyed the therapist and staff which were all my cheerleaders as they encouraged me to have a positive outlook with my therapy each day with a smile, which was a success, following that we as a family decided that I would call Arden Place my home.

What an honor it is to have been voted Resident of the Month.