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Resident of the Month: Ms. Alana C.

Alana loves to sing out loud when her favorite song is ‘Shout’ by Tears for Fears is playing. She as well enjoys Arts and Crafts and really likes to make everyone around her smile and laugh. What many people don’t know about Alana is that she is a “Special Olympian” and has Won several Silver and Gold metals of the years. She will gladly show you her ‘Shadow Box’ if you would like to see them, just ask her. 

Alana loves to celebrate Birthdays – especially hers! She is quick to give out presents and hugs whenever the opportunity arises. Alana also loves to visit Camp Summit in Paradise, Texas every year where she is affectionately known as ‘Cricket’ ask her to tell you story!

Congratulations Alana for being voted resident of the month.