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Resident of the Month

Jean H., born in 1928, is the oldest resident here at Arden Place! She is loved and admired by residents and staff alike. Jean is always waving and saying hello to anyone she sees. Jean grew up in Cooper, Texas as the daughter of a farmer. Jean stated that her family moved a lot when she was young as a result of her father’s work. She loved this time in her life as she was able to see and experience different places. She said that she always dreamed of being a pharmacist growing up. Jean jokingly said that she couldn’t decipher doctor’s handwriting anyway, so she feels it was okay that she didn’t pursue this career. Jean says that her favorite place to vacation is in Fun Valley, Colorado and she spent many summers fishing and enjoying the mountain weather. Jean also expresses that her 40’s were the best time in her life and that this stage of life is her favorite. She says that she enjoyed being young enough to make mistakes but old enough to know better! She loved her time as a stay-at-home mother and raised two special children, one a boy and the other a girl. Jean expressed that the secret to living a long and fulfilling life is to love God! Stop by and say hello to Jean today!