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Ms. Selma T. – Selma T. was born on Valentine’s Day in 1927 in a rural community in Western North Carolina to a family of farmers, she is the oldest of four children, today all is in their 90’s with the exception of the 80-year-old ‘baby’ of the family. Her family suffered the hardships of the Great depression as well the rationing related to WWII. To help out her family as well as with the war effort, she began working as a teen in a shoe factory making shoes for the soldiers serving in the war.

In 1946, she married Robert, a WWII soldier upon his return, Together, they had two children, Wilma and Sherry both of the DFW area, her husband passed away in 2005 leaving her alone. By 2014, she was persuaded to move to Texas with her daughter Wilma, Moving has given her opportunity to spend time with her grandchildren and numerous great grandchildren, which all are residents of Texas. She is lovingly referred to as ‘Old Nany’ by her grandchildren.

Selma’s passions have always been her beautiful flower gardens
and her devotion to her church. Until recent years, she was an
avid reader but has never been interested in watching TV, except Dancing with the Stars.

Selma assures her family that she gets the best care at Arden Place of Richland Hills and has even claimed some of the staff as her own girls.