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Featured Residents: Valentine King, Edward B. & Valentine Queen, Mary V.

Valentine King Edward

This year’s Valentine’s king has not always been the smooth-talking ladies’ man you see before you today. When bowling as a teenager he confidently walked up to the lane, concentrating on his swing, and went to release the ball. My mother, not yet on his radar, snuck up behind him at that very moment and, as the story was retold to me, “goosed” him in the butt. He yelped and released the ball straight into the air, instantly shattering an overhead light. My mother was gone before he could turn around, and that was the last time they would see each other for a very long time. It was the beginning of a lifetime of practical joking between the two of them. 

Years later, he was a handsome soldier stationed in Korea, and my mother and he began writing and sending reel to reel tapes of conversation to each other. By the time the war was over, he returned home an engaged man. He just did not know it yet. It was at a movie theater during a quiet scene that I chose to shout to him, “when are you going to marry my mommy?” He kind of had to at that point because he was sure my mother put me up to it. To clarify, she insisted that never happened.

Dad is a Valentine King every day if you ask me. As a gangly preteen he would always send a secret admirer card just when I thought I would never get a valentine, and always pretend it wasn’t from him. He was a bit of a romantic, always bringing my mother little gifts of chocolate or her favorite ice cream treat. They married but continued to date throughout there life together. We could all learn a lot about romance by watching an old guy catch the eye of his gal. 

~ As retold by his favorite (and only) daughter, [Chris]Tina P. 

Valentine Queen Mary

Mary V. was born in Waurika, OK in 1940. She is the oldest of seven of which include 5 sisters and one brother. She lived most of her life in Wichita Falls until moving to Keller in 2004. She has one son, Russell, and three granddaughters with a grandson on the way in 2021. Mary has always enjoyed music, regardless of genre, and loves to sing to whatever might be playing at the time. Mary also loves desserts and sweets – cookies, pie, cake, brownies, you name it and she loves it. Mary loves to laugh at herself and others. There are many fond memories of her laughing when Russell was in jr. high after being pulled over by a policeman for speeding. We are not sure the policeman thought it was funny, but she sure did. ~ As retold by her son, Russell.