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Falls and Exercising

Falls are one of the leading causes of injury and even possible death for Senior Citizens. By exercising and stretching, you can improve your balance and strength and feel more confident when walking. Here are a few easy exercises you can do daily,

Standing while holding on to a sturdy chair:

1. Forward kicks x 10

2. Backwards kicks x 10

3. Side Kicks x 10

4. Heel Raise x 10

5. Marching in place x 30 seconds

Sitting in a chair:

1. Leg kicks x 10

2. Marching in place x 30 seconds

3. Side reaching stretch x 30 second hold

4. Shoulder rolls x 20

5. Overhead reaching stretch x 30 second hold

Physical therapy can help Senior Citizens strengthen weak muscles and increase mobility which could help decrease in the number of falls that could occur. More questions, please speak to your doctor about therapy referral.

– Michelle, Despain, PTA-DOR