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My name is Mina, and I am a RN on the 2 – 10 shifts, I did my Bachelor in Nursing science from Lalitpur Nursing Campus, Nepal. I worked at Nepal Hospital for three years. I moved to the USA in march 2020. I live in Richland Hills with my husband. I am very thankful for my husband helping me became a Registered Nurse in the United States in February 2021. I have a big family that lives in Nepal which I do miss them, but I am so glad that have met so many friends here at Arden Place that has become my family. MY Arden Place family is very supportive and has help me come out of my shell since I started working here. My hobbies and interest are Cooking, Back packing to new place and countries, listening to music and watching movies. I love helping others and I am very grateful for the opportunity to care for the Residents of Arden Place.